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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Auraiya Pincode / Post Office Search (AURAIYA, Uttar Pradesh)

Adhasi B.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Aghara B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Ajitmal S.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Amaota B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Ata B.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Atsoo B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Auraiya H.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Ayana B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Babain B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Babarpur S.O (Auraiya) 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Badera B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Badharipur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bakhriya B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Ballapur B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bamuripur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Belhupur B.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bhagya Nagar B.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bhareh B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bharsen B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bhason B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bhaupur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bhikhepur B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bhurepurkalan B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bijhai B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Bilawan B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Binpurapur B.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Birhuni B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Burhadana B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Chapta B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Chirhuli B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Dahgaon B.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Dakhlipur B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Daulatpur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Dhupkari B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Dibiapur S.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Dibiapura Mandi S.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Beni B.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Gada Kasda B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Gauhani Kalan B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Gulariha B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Haidarpur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Ikaurapur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Jaitapur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Janishnagar B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Jua B.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Juhikha B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Kakhaotoo B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Kakor Buzurg B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Kanchausi Bazar S.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Kanhausi B.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Karampur B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Kariawali B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Keontra B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Khanpur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Kharka B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Lahrapur B.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Luhiapur B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Madhwapur B.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Mahmoodpur B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Malhosi S.O 206255AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Muradganj S.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Murhi B.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Narainpur S.O (Auraiya) 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Nauli B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Navgawan B.O 206246AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Nigra B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Panhar B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Phaphund S.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Phariha B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Piparpur B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Purakalan B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Roshangpur B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Ruruganj S.O 206249AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sahabda B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sahayal B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Salhapur B.O 206247AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sanphar B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Seengpurva Mana B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sehud B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Senganpur B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sherpur Saraiya B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sikharna B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sohari Garhia B.O 206121AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Sondhemau B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Tilak Nagar B.O 206122AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Ucha B.O 206129AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
Umri B.O 206244AuraiyaUttar Pradesh

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